AURICA – creative branch, musical industry

A naming project for an interactive agency.

The main domain of the Aurica agency is working with the sound. But their potential possibilities are differential hence they offer a number of other services. Designing websites, graphical design and internet marketing are also within the range of their enterprise. The projected established in 2010 was supposed to find a name, which would describe the character of the company in the best way possible. The name had to be light, characteristic, with a ”soft” sound and easy to syllabify and write.

Nowadays, Aurica is one of the most interesting agencies offering audio marketing services. Moreover, they make projects focused on creating ergonomic, aestethical internet websites or effectuation of efficient marketing campaigns.

Root word: the name derives from the two words that come from Latin, which are ”aurum”, meaning ”gold” and ”auris”, meaning ”an ear”.
Connotations: the name connotes with something spherical, unusual, having extraordinary power.
Communicative potential: semantic flexibility allows adding the adjuvent elements to the basic corps of its meaning, which will help to build the mindful image of the company.
Usage: interactive media industry.