BUVIO – footwear industry

A naming project for the producer and an internet shop offering a wide selection of footwear. The goal of our client was gaining a lapidary name, which would expressly suggest the type of industry. A one, which would connote with the production and sales of a high quality footwear, but attractive in terms of price. The producer of Buvio wanted to reach the possibly highest range of clientele without excluding any groups of customers by the sound of the name and meaning. The name was not supposed to sound like being too ”exclusive”, or too ”cheap”.

Root word: the name Buvio derives from natural travestation of the Polish word ”obuwie”, meaning ”footwear”.
Communicative potential: a short name, which connotes very strongly with the industry an opportunity to nuild a recognizable brand.
Usage: the name would be good for shops offering various types of shoes and for shoe producers.