CAMIVIA – interactive media industry, IT

A naming project for an interactive agency. The main goals were: a one word form, a soft sound and a feminine grammatical gender. The desired direction while designing the name was deviating from the sanctioned schemes and connotations with design, graphics and programming. The client wanted an interesting and original sound of the name. ”Camivia” was also tested for connotations in the English and German languages. The necessary condition was the availability of the .PL and .COM internet domains.

Root word: the English word ”camera”, meaning a photo camera, but the sound of the name was altered not to connote with the original meaning.
Connotations: the name connotes with something feminine, saft, warm but also intriguing and solid.
Communicative potential: semantic transparency of the name is its highest value and that’s why a which is creative, original and unorthodox in terms of business may fill it with the desired content without the baggage of the primary meaning coming from the root word.
Usage: interactive media/advertising industry.