ESPERTA – education and training services

A naming project for the education and training services company.

Education and services is one of the activities of the Call Service. A need to ring-fence a self-reliant brand grew while the company was developing. A name designed especially for that purpose was supposed to suggest professionalism and the possibly highest, expert level of the offer in the first place. Availability of the .PL domain and the feminine character of the name were one of the main criteria. It had to be short, easy to spell and remember.

Root word: the Polish word ”ekspert”.
Registered domain names: -.PL
Connotations: ”Esperta” unambiguously connotes with professionalism and specialization.
Communicative potential: unambiguous and ”warm” sound suggest bpth a company providing the highest quality services and the one, which is friendly towards their customers.
Usage: education/training services.