FINANSEC – insurance industry, finances

A naming project for the insurance, banking and finances industries. ”Finansec” remotely triggers connotations with the finances industry. It also has a well balanced sound. The name suggests a professional, responsible, trustworthy company, which is also a modern and a customer-friendly one. The lack of unambiguous relation to the concrete character of the services related to finaces is the names’ implicit value. The broad semantic range possible to link with the name allows for an easy image construction.

Root word: the Polish word ”finanse”, meaning ”finances” and transformed to an English version and linked with the English word ”sec”, meaning a short period of time, a moment, a second.
Connotations: ”Finansec” unambiguously connotes with the money. Its accumalation, turnover, investing and lending. Institutions like banks, insurance companies or financial counselling firms or brokage houses obviously come to mind in terms of the name.
Communicative potential: the meaning reflects the range of activity, professionalism, security but also a certain lightness and swiftness of taking an action.
Usage: banking, finances and insurance industries.