FUSMAN – footwear industry, e-commerce

A naming project for an internet shoestore. The goal of our client was the creation of a name that would reflect both the type of assortment offered in the shop (shoes) and raise positive connotations related to sports, activity, effort and healthy lifestyle. The name was supposed to connote with something modern, worth following, fashionable and sounding ”global-like”.

Root word: the name Fusman comes from from the German word ”der Fuss”, meaning ”the foot” and the English word ”man”, meaning a male or a human being.
Registered domain names: -.PL, -.COM
Connotations: shoes, sports, touristics, clothing, leisure
Communicative potential: a short, meaningful name like Fusman gives possibilities of building a brand assosciated with footwear, sports, activity, modern lifestyle, health, free time.