GRANDHAU – facility management

A name prepared for the company working in the facility management industry. Comprehensive management (i.a. large-size establishments, shopping malls) requires not only the experience and know-how, but also the necessary qualities like – concreteness, responsibility, perfect organisation, coordination and planning. The goal of the Grandhau owner is to build a brand which is predictable, raises trust, respect, gives their clients a sense total safety. That’s why the name of the brand is supposed to connote with something masculine, active, modern. Its hard, resolute sound expresses the most important values of Grandhau for its activity.

Root word: the name derives from the English word ”grand” (meaning somethin great, enormous, striking and making a huge impression) combined with the German word ”das Haus”, meaning a ”house”.
Connotations: masculinity, responsibility, real estate, something big, strong, mysterious in a positive sense of the word.
Communicative potential: Grandhau unambiguously connotes with the real estate, contruction and development industries.
Usage: the name may be used in the branches like real estate management, development, construction, household effects.