HARDLEO – advertising industry

A naming project for an advertising agency. The naming project made at the beginning of the 2001 for an agency specializing in promotion and advertising had a goal to design a buoyant name, which would sound masculine, concrete and intriguing. The unambiguous connotations with the advertising industry was not an obligatory and necessary condition. The name had to sound well and have connotations in both Polish and English languages. The necessary condition was also the availability of the .PL and .COM domains. Professional offer of the ”Hardleo” cover almost all the activities related to advertising and promotion.

Root word: the name comes from the English words: hard and leo (meaning the ”lion”).
Connotations: masculinity, resposibility, professionalism, energy, power – a name clearly sugessting the company as leaders in their industry.
Communicative potential: with a ”strong” appearence, concrete and full of energy, which reflects the spirit of the company – full professionalism and a wild pleasure in creating advertising projects on the highest level.
Usage: advertising/PR/interactive media industry.