HOLSENSA – psychotherapeutic services

A naming project for the pychoterapeutic cabinet. The name was supposed to unambiguously suggest the character of the activity and the wide range of the therapeutic services. The necessary condition was finding a name, which would be available under the .PL and .COM internet domains. Holsensa reflects the proffesionalism, the highest quality of services and the wide range of the support and psychotherapeutic services.

Root word: the name derives from two English words: ”whole” meaning ”complete” etc. and ”sense” meaning i.e. ”feeling”.
Connotations: ”Holsensa” connotes with fullness, holism, sense, existential meaning of something, psychology, spiritual and emotional support.
Communicative potential: the name reflects the congeneric character of the services, fullness and variety of the offer and suggests its comprehensive character. It communicates proffessionalism and a large variety of choice.Usage: psychoterapeutic services, HR Consultancy.