INCADRO – photographic industry

A naming project for photographic studio. The naming project made in 2010 for the highly talented photographers had a goal to find a name, which would connote with their profession and their passion. The name had to be short, easy to remember and pronounce and most of all – it had to suggest the type of industry related to the future company. It also needed to have an available .Pl internet domain. Excellent photographs, made both at weddings and as special assignments from the Ministry of the Environment. All of them are the best proofs of the high quality represented by the Incadro photographic studio. All the lovers of the sheer beauty and professional, commercial photography will be delighted by the offer of our client.

Connotations: the name connotes with the ”frame”, ”picture”, ”photography”, ”taking pictures”.
Communicative potential: strong, concrete, unambiguous and clear name evokes ”photography” – all according to th ecustomers’ wish.
Usage: photographic industry both commercial and artistic.