Form of cooperation / Payment / Naming services’ time of execution

contract work
VAT invoice
50% – payed in advance after signing the contract / the cost of preparing the proposals
50% – payed after choosing the first name / selling the property copyrights
5 working days

Reasonable price politics – pricelist of the naming services

Incredibly low price offers raise natural lack of trust and questions about the quality. The other group represents all the options available to a very small group of companies. We are unique, because we offer hight quality at an adequate, reasonable price.

Klikmii Agency / Slogan Sensei invites for cooperation!

We will probably offer you one of the most interesting offers available on the market. It’s worth to ”get personal” with this option. Oscar Wilde used to say that ”the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”. :-) We most sincerely wish you that!


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