HUVELO – sports and leisure industry

A naming project for the bicycle equipment shop.

Huvelo is a bicycle-skiing service centre, which made the enthusiasm of the employess as their hallmark. The company has many other services in their offer among the sales of the equipment, parts and accessories (i.a. service of the professional, high-performance equipment). Huvelo is well known among local customers and the ones from distant parts of Poland and Europe for their perennial experience, professionalism and the highest quality of services. The goal of our client was gaining a name, which highlights both the range of activity and the uniqueness of the company. It was supposed to connote with bicycles, sports and leisure. With an image of a proffesional, but friendly company. ”Huvelo” met all the chosen criteria preferably, while the name was being designed.

Root word: the name derives from teh English word ”human” and the French word ”velo”, meaning ”bicycle”.
Connotations: Huvelo connotes with bicycles, bicycle equipment, leisure and sports.
Communicative potential: the name is short, easy to spell and remember. Sounds noble, intriguing and very friendly. It highlist the bicycle theme and diversifies itself from the rest of the cycling industry dominated by the names based upon the words like: bike, bicycle. The name is phonetically coherent, easy to pronounce English, Polish, German and French speaking people.
Usage: sports and leisure industry