The name of Your company is a commercial itself. It should sound like a promise of something more. It should create instant connotations, raise emotions and create a definite attitude. To design such a name, one needs to understand the specifics of the future company, the whole industry and the market. Knowing the social, cultural and linguistic characterictics of its clients is no less important. The clients praise our methos of designing names. For innovativity and efficiency.

We’ve peerfected the EPONIMO throughout the last 8 years. It is an authorial method without any competition on the Polish market. It stands out by its undoubted efficiency. Tha names created with this method fulfill all the marketing and business goals. Among some of EPONIMO’s greatest values are multidimensional approach to to the designing process and practical expoitation of lingustics, sociology of language, psychology of communication, marketing and cultural studies.

Thanks how we receive the vital information to design a name, which positively appeals to the target group. A one, which supports and co-creates the image of the company. Our method decisively increases the fulfillment of all expectations by probing the preferences and needs. The efficiency of EPONIMO is confirmed by the most reliable authority – the clients. The 90% of them chose the appropriate name in the first set of proposals.

In short, it makes us create the names, which have the desired potential in the fields of its:

affectivity – emotions they are supposed to ignite
associativity – connotations they are supposed to provoke
communication – information they are supposed to transmit
semantics – desired etymology of the name
euphonic character – desired sound of the name
appropriate form
grammatical gender
part of speach – noun, adjective
length – one-word, two-word, multi-word
origin – neologism, a name transferred from the other semantic context e.g. Chopin (wódka)
desired reference – to reason, emotions, senses
persuasive power
ability to raise positive attitude towards the company, desired consumer behaviours
strategically justified image
ability to ignite visions and desires

Apart from that, EPONIMO treats the name with various naming tests of:

availability of domain name
euphonic character
phonetics – easiness to pronounce
alphabetical order
possibilty to register at Patent Offices
phonetic symbolism
wanted and unwanted connotations
semantics – assigned meanings
the range of applicability
correspondence between ”written” and ”spoken”

Ultimately, the names proposed by us are:

easy to pronounce
easy to spell
easy to remember
nice to listen to when pronounced
available under the chosen internet domain names
free from all negative/unwanted connotations
free from all third party claims
ready to register at Patent Offices

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