SENSICA – psychotherapeutic services

A naming project for a Private Resort of Therapy and Addiction Treatment.

First and foremost, according to the customers’ wish, the name was supposed to reflect the specifics of the Resort and the modern methods used there. ”Sansica” emphasizes the sensuality, multidimensionality and holism. It connotes with an empathic, warm aproach, which helps to understand the source of the problems much better. The offer of the Resort links medicine, natural medicine, the most efficient psychotherapy schools, dietetics and working with the body concentrated on effective treatment and broadening the range of responsibility of the patients for their own lives with learning about the meaning of the actions they take. Equivalence, one word construction and the spelling, remembering and writing easinsess of the name are very important criteria taken under consideration while it was designed.

Root word: the name was created based upon the English word ”sensible”, meaning ”reason, sensibility and being aware of something”.
Connotations: ”Sensica” brings forth from consciousness an image of an empathic, understanding, protective woman, full of warmth and harmony. The one who is perceived as someone competent, helpful and sensitive.
Communicative potential: reflects the attitude of a professional, plentiful and an integrated offer of the Resort and its specifics in a perfect way. It fully shows the understanding atmosphere of the comfort conducive to inner work.