VELAMUR – wedding industry

A naming project for the company making veils.

The name was created for a family company, which makes veils for the Polish and foreign markets for the last fifty years. The ever-changing market reality forced the renaming of the brand. The new name was supposed to highlight the range of activity and raise positive emotions. Apart from the desired connotations, the was supposed to sound professional and modern.

Root word: the name derives from linking the Polish word ”veil” (with the modified writing) and the French word ”amour”.
Connotations: veils, love, wedding, beauty, sophistication.
Communicative potential: a soft, velvet sound of the word ”Velamur” harmonizes perfectly with its semantic potential. Thanks to that, a warm, feminine image of the company is created in the consciousness of the recipients. A one, which raises trust.
Usage: wedding industry.